Prayer meeting is the powerhouse of the church. Prayer is the source of our strength, and is the channel through which we grow closer to God and to understand His will. Feel free to join any of the prayer groups that best fits your schedule.

Prayer Group Meeting Time Venue
Church-wide Prayer Meeting Wed 7:30 pm church
Church-wide Prayer Meeting Sun 8:45 am church
Cantonese Prayer Meeting Tue 8 pm
Northern District Prayer Meeting Thurs 8-9 pm Contact: Zhiwei Hu
Eastern District Prayer Meeting Thurs 7:30 pm Contact: Yichen Chen
Western District Prayer Meeting Monthly 2nd Sat 8 pm Contact: Judy Shen
Central District Prayer Meeting Every other Tues 8-9 pm Contact: Zhengwei Zhao
Campus Fellowship Prayer Meeting Monthly 2nd & 4th Sun 12:30 pm Contact: Hong Shang