The Bible emphasizes a great deal on where we build our foundations and in where our faith is rooted.

In the parable of the two builders in Gospel of Matthew, a house built on sand fell and washed away when the rain and floods came, while the house built upon a rock stood firm against all odds. The gosple of Matthew and Mark likens our spiritual condition to the earth condition: seeds sown on good soil produced crop and increased manifold, whereas the seeds sown along the path, on rocky grounds and among the thorns were unfruitful.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." ~Psalm 119:105

God desires us to be rooted in the good soil of His living Word. We meditate on His Words in our devotions, and study and learn His Words with our fellow Christians through Bible studies and Sunday School classes. Even if you are not a believer yet, there is a place for you - there are seekers' classes where you will have the opportunity to bring up questions of all aspects regarding the Bible and Christianity.

This quarter, we are offering the following Sunday School classes for various groups:

Class Time
Toddler and K-6 9:45 am
English Youth Sunday School (Grades 7-8/9-12) 9:45 am
Mandarin Sunday School 11:30 am
Mandarin Seekers Class 11:30 am
Cantonese Sunday School 11:30 am
Mandarin Baptismal Class 11:30 am