2014 Mission Conference - 5/16/2014-5/18/2014

Keynote Speaker 主讲员: Dr. Jerry Cain

Guest Speakers 客座讲员: Rev.Steward, Rev.J

Date 日期 Title 主題 Listen Online 收听
5/16/14 Brief Intro by Keynote Speaker - Dr. Jerry Cain (主讲员介绍-Jerry Cain博士)
5/17/14 Message 1: Declare His Glory to the Nations - Dr. Jerry Cain (主题1:向世界宣告神的荣耀)
5/18/14 Message 2: Declare His Glory - Three Pictures - Dr. Jerry Cain(主题2:向世界宣告神的荣耀-三幅图画)
5/17/14 Workshop 1A: Twelve Steps to Delcare His Glory in the 21st Century - Dr. Jerry Cain (专题:在21世纪里向世界宣告神的荣耀-12个步骤)