No Christian can navigate faith and life alone. We are made to journey with others as we grow spiritually in a community. As it is often illustrated, that a cross-centered life is built upon a vertical relationship with God and a horizontal relationship with fellow brothers and sisters. The original Greek word for "fellowship" depicts an interactive relationship between God and believers who are sharing new life through Christ. Therefore, when we gather together in Christ's name, we have fellowship together.

There are several fellowship groups at Calvary, some are based on geographical locations, some on age groups or languages. Check out our meeting times and feel free to find a group that best fits you.

English Ministry

Young Adults Fellowship

The young adults group meets every Tuesday at group member's home for a time of sharing, Bible study and fellowship.

When: Every Tuesday 7:30 PM

Contact: Lucas

Chinese Ministry

Family Fellowship

The Family Fellowship focuses on building families that are Christ centered, where parents and children grow together in love. Most families in this fellowship have children that are in school from todlers to high school. We also have soccer games every week, which is one of the events that all kids look forward to weekly.

When: Every Friday 7:30 PM

Where: Calvary Baptist Church, 100 Dwight St., New Haven, CT

Central/Western Fellowship

The Central and Western Fellowship consists of families from the west and center of the Greater New Haven area. Our goal is to grow and do life together in this family, where brothers and sisters support each other, learn from each other, experience God together, and proclaim the Gospel together. We sincerely welcome you to join us!

When: Every Friday 7:30 PM

Monthly Gathering and Potluck: First Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM